Behind the Scenes of ACEMAPP's Customer Service "Secret Sauce"

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Behind the Scenes of ACEMAPP's Customer Service "Secret Sauce" content

Behind the Scenes of ACEMAPP's Customer Service "Secret Sauce"

How ACEMAPP Prevents Handoffs After the Handshake

It would be an understatement to say that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has changed the way professionals work each day. Whether a company uses a customer relationship management system such as Salesforce to track leads and contacts, or uses offerings such as Dropbox to collaborate, the end result is a cloud-based application that streamlines work flows and scales up impact.

In the world of clinical education and professional experiences, ACEMAPP came onto the scene in 2008 to offer up new enterprise software that could rescue healthcare education programs and clinical settings from laborious, time-consuming tasks such as managing the clinical rotations of healthcare students.

Now, 15 years later, ACEMAPP serves 379 clinical site locations and over 1,800 school programs. Customers share testimonials of gratitude for the support they receive, such as this one, from a clinical user of ACEMAPP: “This single phone call helped save so much time. I am grateful for your help. Your customer service is truly a blessing.” One student told the ACEMAPP team: “I am impressed with the level of customer service you provide for even the smallest issue.”

In a peek behind the scenes, the ACEMAPP team credits one key ingredient in its customer service secret sauce: using cross-functionality to ensure responsive and prompt support.

“ACEMAPP provides a seamless transition for our partners,” says ACEMAPP Business Development Coordinator Danielle Sleight. “We are there with them throughout the entire way, from the organization joining to the setup process to training and following up with our amazing support team throughout their whole ACEMAPP journey.”

Customer service is not always provided by SaaS brands. Think of the long list of platforms that, for example, only provide live support to subscribers in higher price tiers. Or the platforms that assign one team for the “handshake”--when a customer signs on, another for training, another for ongoing support, and yet another for renewals.

Sleight says ACEMAPP’s approach is rooted in the mission of Michigan Health Council – the nonprofit that designed and launched the platform.

“As part of MHC, we are a mission-driven organization first. As such, we complete all of our work with a strong understanding of clinical education and see it through the lens of how our work ultimately impacts our communities,” she says. “Our clinical coordinators need to manage experiences, and students need to learn during them – our platform shouldn't be a barrier to that. We are here to support our members so that we have experienced and well-educated healthcare professionals taking care of us all.”

The cross-functionality aspect of the ACEMAPP team involves a wide range of departments: Support, Customer Success, Setup & Implementations, Development, Training, Quality Assurance, and Communications.

ACEMAPP Director of Technology Ajay Arumugam cites a key benefit of having highly trained and highly knowledgeable staffers. “It allows us all to work together and leverage our strengths,” he says. “Not only do our team members have the knowledge to answer questions, but they have the ability to implement change.”

Every ACEMAPP account is intricately customized for an organization’s specific needs. From Setup & Implementations consulting with your team on the change, to Development making adjustments, to Training and Support helping the users and partners prepare for and adjust to the change—the list is endless in the steps the ACEMAPP team takes to make the user experience the best it can be.

Sleight says that training staffers in this cross-functional approach means that the ACEMAPP team knows that they can ​​ultimately provide a better experience overall for users and members.

“The response is addressed quickly without our members being bounced around to different departments when it is not needed,” she says.

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