Bridging the gap between clinical education and talent sourcing

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Bridging the gap between clinical education and talent sourcing content

Bridging the gap between clinical education and talent sourcing

Solving the healthcare workforce shortage one ACEMAPP community at a time

The healthcare sector has been grappling for the past decade with how to solve a workforce shortage. As a platform rooted in solutions, ACEMAPP offers a seamless and efficient tool for clinical sites to identify and recruit top talent.

Called ACEMAPP Communities, this tool can serve as an extension of an HR team. ACEMAPP Communities provide clinical sites with a way to move students in clinical education programs directly to their hiring team so that these potential job candidates can be evaluated and streamlined into the interview process.

“We saw a talent sourcing need in the healthcare sector and developed ACEMAPP Communities to add value to the relationship between clinical sites and the students participating in clinical rotations at their locations,” says ACEMAPP’s Chief Business Development Officer Stacy Gradowski. “Our members who use ACEMAPP Communities have shared with us how helpful they have found it. The more sites we have taking advantage of this option, the more robust this tool will be across the U.S.”

An ACEMAPP Communities member receives access to updates pertaining to job openings and workforce needs at the clinical sites they “follow” and may choose to receive communications from participating HR departments, providing a wide variety of opportunities and potential job experiences.

We highly recommend that our clinical site members add a Communities membership to the subscription. This allows a healthcare system to establish a community that can be made available to all ACEMAPP students and creates connections with high-level healthcare talent across the board.

These relationships can be maintained well beyond students' time in their clinical rotation, allowing hiring teams to closely evaluate program completion and success and begin outreach to these potential job candidates on a platform that is comfortable for both the clinical site and the prospective employee.

To take it one step further, healthcare systems are able to give their HR departments access to these communities–without ever having to provide them with access to the clinical work. These layers of permissions further assist the organization in maintaining compliance and streamlining internal operations and the recruitment process.

ACEMAPP Communities can support any healthcare organization’s efforts to address workforce capacity issues, and ACEMAPP’s customizable platform maximizes the user experience, helping organizations develop seamless processes and efficient tracking mechanisms.

Ready to start your ACEMAPP Communities journey?

If you are interested in adding an ACEMAPP Communities membership to your subscription or are interested in joining ACEMAPP for the first time, contact us today to start your journey!

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