Coordinator's Corner: Managing All Programs in One Place

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Coordinator's Corner: Managing All Programs in One Place content

Coordinator's Corner: Managing All Programs in One Place

Featuring Stacey Janes, CMA

Welcome to "Coordinator's Corner," where we shine a spotlight on the best practices of clinical education coordinators. This week, we are excited to feature Stacey Janes, CMA (AAMA), a Clinical Placement Coordinator at Atrium Health Floyd. Janes is an expert ACEMAPP administrator and has found success in managing all healthcare education programs within ACEMAPP.

The types of clinical experiences Janes manages include:

  • Allied health
  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • APPs
  • Rehab
  • Observation
  • High school students

Leading Innovation at Atrium Health Floyd
Janes is passionate about working with students and schools to create seamless clinical education experiences. In her role as a Clinical Placement Coordinator, she has created a lean process that streamlines her responsibilities and maximizes her organization's subscription to ACEMAPP. It also helps to simplify instructions and reduce confusion for the partners she works with.

As a seasoned Clinical Placement Coordinator, Janes has had experience managing her organization's various types of clinical experiences using multiple methods. In the past, that often meant dealing with heaps of paperwork and navigating through different systems, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors. However, Stacey has led a transformative shift in her organization's workflow since adopting an all-in-one style.

Janes shared, "It's a one-stop-shop. I have eliminated most of the paper that was required to do my job. The reporting feature makes managing different programs 'manageable."

Behind Janes' accomplishments stands a small but dedicated team of clinical education professionals. After years of working independently, a second clinical coordinator was recently added to Janes' team. By working collaboratively, they support each other in managing the complex landscape of clinical education. The ability to manage all programs in a single platform has significantly improved efficiency, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: providing seamless experiences for students and academic partners, regardless of program type.

Mastering Time Management
Time management is a critical skill for any Clinical Placement Coordinator, and Janes recognizes its significance. "All I can say is it takes a good project manager to do what we do," she advised. "Someone that understands time management, scheduling, and what's at stake."

Stacey Janes exemplifies the incredible impact a dedicated clinical education coordinator can have. By managing all programs in one place, Janes has streamlined processes, reduced paperwork, and enhanced collaboration with students and schools.