Creating An Effective Entity Profile

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Creating An Effective Entity Profile content

Creating An Effective Entity Profile

What is an Entity Profile?
An entity profile is simply the profile page for any ACEMAPP school or clinical site. All organizations have one, and each can be personalized to share information and images specific to your organization. We sometimes call entity profiles a "landing page" as it's where students 'land' to view all information relating to your school or site. For instructions on updating your entity profile, please visit

Common Information Shared on Profiles:

  • A "welcome" or "about us" page
  • News, updates, and other announcements
  • Parking information & maps
  • Badging/security information
  • A careers tab, including basic info and a link to your job board
  • Specific information on your various sites or campuses
  • Current COVID-19 policies
  • Instructions, process, and/or training information

How to Increase Your Profile's Visibility:
Fellow schools and clinical sites can view your entity profile in two ways. First, they can click on your name in the partner directory. Second, they can click on your name within a rotation form - students and faculty are able to view your profile this way as well. However, if you really want your entity profile to reach all of your partners, we recommend the following tactics:

  1. Post an announcement: Post an announcement to students/faculty which includes a link to your entity profile for more information. This will allow you to remove other announcements, which can be moved to your profile, and will simply direct students/faculty to view all information on your profile page. Announcements appear directly on student and faculty dashboards. For instructions on creating announcements, please visit
  2. Send a broadcast message: Send an email via ACEMAPP announcing your newly updated entity profile. Broadcast messaging allows you to see open rates and view all communications sent by your team in a single location. Contact us for a template or assistance in sending this message. For instructions, please visit

The ACEMAPP team is happy to assist you with updating your current profile. If you would like any assistance or professional recommendations, please contact us at or 844-223-4292.