Enhancing Clinical Education: ACEMAPP's Key Benefits for Clinical Sites

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Enhancing Clinical Education: ACEMAPP's Key Benefits for Clinical Sites content

Enhancing Clinical Education: ACEMAPP's Key Benefits for Clinical Sites

ACEMAPP is a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes clinical education management for healthcare institutions. Designed to streamline processes and enhance collaboration between clinical sites and educational institutions. ACEMAPP offers a range of benefits to clinical sites. This article will explore the advantages ACEMAPP brings to clinical sites and how it simplifies clinical education management.

Streamlined Process:
One of the primary benefits of ACEMAPP for clinical sites is its ability to streamline the entire rotation process. With electronic rotation data, clinical sites can effortlessly track and manage students' presence, ensuring they have accurate information and documentation. The system allows for flexible and customizable rotation requests and details, enabling clinical sites to share information with relevant personnel based on discipline. ACEMAPP automatically sends notifications to the appropriate person, ensuring timely communication and coordination.

ACEMAPP also facilitates orientation by automatically assigning students and faculty to courses, assessments, forms, and requirements based on their program and unit placement. This feature ensures that students are adequately prepared for their rotations, and site coordinators, schools, and faculty can monitor their progress effectively. Additionally, ACEMAPP provides a rotation preparedness report that allows clinical sites and schools to assess compliance progress for a group of students, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Management Tools:
ACEMAPP is a comprehensive platform for managing affiliation agreements between clinical sites and schools. The system sends email notifications when an affiliation is close to expiration, ensuring that agreements remain current.

The platform offers extensive reporting capabilities, enabling clinical sites to calculate community benefit dollars, gather data on vaccine numbers, and analyze trends in clinical education. Custom reporting features allow clinical sites to easily and quickly provide departments with specific information required for student and faculty preparation, such as badging, EMR access, parking permits, and security.

ACEMAPP also plays a vital role during staff turnover by consolidating all clinical education data in one accessible location. This ensures that crucial information remains readily available, enhancing confidence during audits and verification processes.

Regional Clinical Placement Consortiums:
ACEMAPP facilitates the establishment of regional clinical placement consortiums, which bring together multiple clinical sites and educational institutions. These consortiums provide a platform for collective action and system-level solutions, promoting stronger partnerships between schools and sites.

Benefits of regional clinical placement consortiums include capturing efficiencies of scale, establishing standards across all utilized sites, reducing duplication and redundancy of requirements, fostering better communication, generating regional data, and standardizing student knowledge and document requirements. These consortiums promote collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders and reveal valuable trends in clinical education across disciplines, enabling better utilization of clinical capacity in a specific region.

Clinical sites that have implemented ACEMAPP have expressed their satisfaction with the platform. Users have praised the simplified processes and the opportunity to be part of a community that continuously works towards improving clinical education. The platform has also been commended for fostering valuable networking opportunities among educational and clinical partners and for our outstanding support staff and quick turnaround times to any questions that may arise.

ACEMAPP offers numerous benefits to clinical sites by streamlining processes, providing management tools, facilitating regional consortiums, and receiving positive user feedback. The platform enhances efficiency, communication, and compliance in clinical education, ultimately improving the overall experience for both students and clinical sites. With a dedicated team supporting implementation as well as ongoing support, ACEMAPP is a valuable tool for clinical sites seeking to optimize their clinical education processes.

To learn more or get started, please schedule a demo at ACEMAPP.org/contact.