Remember to Update Your Entity Profile

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Remember to Update Your Entity Profile content

Remember to Update Your Entity Profile

What is an entity profile?
Your ACEMAPP entity profile provides information and announcements for anyone who navigates to the page, including schools, sites, students, and faculty members. We recommend reviewing this information at least annually for accuracy.

Please see our help desk guide at for instructions on viewing and updating your entity profile.

What kind of information should I keep on this page?
Your entity profile will serve as a valuable resource for those looking for information about your organization. We recommend including pages on the following topics:

  • Welcome – For information about your organization, mission statement, vision statement, etc.
  • Requesting rotations – To provide important details about your organization's process to partners, students, and faculty.
  • Partner FAQ – A list of frequently asked questions you may receive at your site and helpful answers for partners and affiliates.
  • Student/faculty resources - A place for ACEMAPP user guides, exemption forms, policies, employee management processes, and more.
  • Parking and badging - A place to provide photos, maps, parking, and badging information.

How can I get help updating my entity profile?
If you would like us to update your entity's profile page on your behalf, please complete this form and send it to

If you would like to complete this process independently, please view this help desk article or contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.