Simplified Menu for Managing Members

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Simplified Menu for Managing Members content

Simplified Menu for Managing Members

Managing your members has just gotten easier within the sub-menu on your dashboard. Your dashboard has been condensed to a single "Members" button, rather than listing each type of member (student, faculty, observers, volunteers, staff, etc.) on your menu.

The Members button allows you to see Students/Faculty/Preceptors/Observer/Volunteers by Affiliation, Rotation, or Course. Clicking your selection will take you directly to that table view.

From your Dashboard, click on the Members icon.

image Members button

This table represents the table view by either Affiliation, Rotation, or Course.

image member table selections

Click on the table you wish to view.

For example to see Students by Rotation, under the Rotation heading, click on the Student icon.

image showing selection of Student by Rotation

This will open the corresponding table.

image Rotation Table example