Streamline Student Experiences

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Streamline Student Experiences

The New Year brings new opportunities to streamline your clinical education process. Several of our school user members use ACEMAPP to find clinical opportunities for their students, monitor compliance, and review clinical encounters.

Find Clinical Opportunities

  • Store contracts with field placement sites and request new partnerships. Take notes, record site visits, and monitor contract expiration.
  • Schools can create, maintain, and share field site and preceptor lists, helping students to find appropriate placement(s).
  • If a partnership with a clinical site or preceptor does not exist, students may submit their preceptor’s information to the school for review.

Maintain Compliance

  • Customized requirement setup allows required items to apply and be maintained only when applicable.
  • Students are notified when requirements are approved, denied, close to expiring, and when they have expired.
  • Schools have the ability to monitor student progress and compliance in real time.

Record Clinical Encounters

  • Track student patient encounter experiences and clinical hours.
  • Students may record time spent in field experiences using “time logs” and complete detailed accounts of each clinical experience using “case logs”.
  • Reports highlight patient encounter experiences using various graphs and charts.

Download Informational Flyer Here

If you are not using some, or any, of these features, please contact us to get started!