Streamlining Clinical Rotation Management for a Statewide Healthcare Network

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Streamlining Clinical Rotation Management for a Statewide Healthcare Network content

Streamlining Clinical Rotation Management for a Statewide Healthcare Network

How ACEMAPP streamlines the management process in clinical professional development at a large healthcare network

When a healthcare system signs on to use ACEMAPP to manage clinical rotations, it is the beginning of a partnership. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach, the ACEMAPP team tailors the platform's features to the organization's specific needs. ACEMAPP's partnership with Ascension Michigan, which operates locations across the Mitten State, provides a case study of how an organization can reap the benefits of streamlining what is typically an intricate process.

Lori Hamm, a Professional Program Coordinator/Manager at Ascension with primary roles in the Michigan Market Clinical Professional Development Affiliate Program and Ascension Michigan’s Education Programs, has been a long-time user of ACEMAPP’s platform as she assists students and healthcare systems through the clinical rotation and academic process.

ACEMAPP allows professionals and students alike to focus on clinical matters rather than wrestle with clunky spreadsheets. "Our goal is to make the student and faculty experience a successful and streamlined process from start to finish," Hamm said. "ACEMAPP has allowed me to perfect our processes in a secure online manner, and the peace of mind that comes with a secure platform made using ACEMAPP statewide an easy decision."

With over 25 years of industry experience, Hamm now works with six of the main Ascension hospital locations in Michigan to place nursing students, while simultaneously working with educational institutions to recruit their healthcare talent to the growing workforce in Michigan. With a wide array of students and healthcare systems, streamlining her clinical rotation process was essential for maintaining consistency across the health system.

“ACEMAPP is like a best friend,” Hamm said. “Without it, tracking these aspiring healthcare professionals would get messy – the requirements differ from system to system, with these students spread out across the state. The flexibility of the platform and the uniform operating procedure from student to student is a big help at managing these program differences seamlessly.”

While her focus is on Ascension’s Michigan work, the benefits of ACEMAPP’s services have simplified the entry process for students from other organizations – and beyond state borders.

“With students coming from online education programs or out-of-state institutions, moving them into the Michigan healthcare environment is seamless [with ACEMAPP],” Hamm said. “We have all schools follow the same setup process with ACEMAPP to enter the program. From there, it is smooth sailing, as all of their students are now securely in the system and can operate in the ACEMAPP space the same way a Michigan student would. Our team is then able to find the best fit at an Ascension health system for the student.”

ACEMAPP’s all-in-one clinical education platform enables large health systems to track every detail about a student and provides the health system with an overall view of the available talent and user-friendly scheduling tools. Program coordinators can easily view these rosters of students, and, in an easy-to-read format, can verify what requirements are still needed for the student to advance along the program. At the same time, a paper trail of all documentation is created for a quick review if any issues arise.

Hamm has taken advantage of these features in her outreach to schools with prospective students for placement. “When it comes to clinical placements, we don’t have an automated system at this time – so taking the information from a roster and sending it to the health system securely is so easy and simple.” Hamm said. “I simply couldn’t do this aspect of my job as efficiently without the timely, secure transfer of information.”

While this has streamlined Ascension’s tracking mechanism and clinical rotations, ACEMAPP also provides an exceptional communication platform with students and administrators. With thousands of students from Ascension’s partner schools involved in these programs, open communication channels are the foundation of a smoothly operating rotation schedule at a large health center like Ascension.

In her work across institutions, Hamm also reflected on how ACEMAPP simplifies the backend of all affiliation agreements. “It’s a great feature,” she said. “When the school enters into an agreement, that date is marked, and tracked for when the agreement needs to be reviewed, renewed, and when it will expire. With this tracking mechanism, we don’t run into backend administrative delays that cause issues on the student's end, and any authorized coordinator at Ascension can see this information and take the necessary steps to renew the agreement.

ACEMAPP has proven time and time again to be the healthcare industry leader in streamlining clinical coordination, and the customizable service options allow the platform to thrive in all healthcare settings, regardless of network or location.

If your organization is involved in the healthcare industry, or you are a clinical rotation manager looking to streamline your management procedures, contact us today to begin your journey into an expedited management platform.