Tip and Tricks: The ACEMAPP Master Guide

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Tip and Tricks: The ACEMAPP Master Guide content

Tip and Tricks: The ACEMAPP Master Guide

Since its launch in 2008, ACEMAPP has focused on providing clients with all the necessary resources to provide an exceptional user experience. In addition to the option of live, real-time support from the customer service team, ACEMAPP’s collection of “Tips and Tricks” posts has been pivotal in guiding users through the ins and outs of the site at the click of a button.

This Tips and Tricks: The ACEMAPP Master Guide pulls together high-level guidance provided across the platform into one central resource hub. This collection contains insights into more straightforward navigation, access to the Help Desk, the ACEMAPP announcement system, managing compliance, and much more.

ACEMAPP’s implementation team spends countless hours providing organizations with a site that best fits their organizational needs. Following live trainings, organizations have at their fingertips a video to guide that highlights the key techniques that maximize the use of the software.

The guide includes tips for managing the default homepage, bookmarking pages, creating shortcuts, and utilizing the “Breadcrumb trail” feature that allows the client to retrace steps quickly.

Healthcare and education systems alike require efficient, timely communication practices. ACEMAPP’s announcement feature is intended to assist administration members in enhancing the organization’s communication blueprint.

The article dives into navigating the announcement features and tips for managing and creating announcements. Clinical rotation coordinators are given the ability to code announcements for different sectors of the organization, both individually or by program or department. As future announcements are released, multiple departments can be notified with the click of a button.

Automated Emails
It's important for us to save you time and resources. That's why we send automated emails to students throughout the clinical education process.

Managing Compliance
Compliance is king when it comes to clinical rotation tracking, given that requirements differ across disciplines and specialty areas of study.

For students undergoing clinical rotations, the coursework, and time commitment are already significant, so simplifying what is required into one space eases stress in this area.

On the home page, the ACEMAPP platform contains an “items requiring attention” pop-up that is a user-friendly way of providing consistent reminders of requirements and deadlines to ensure ample time for completion. Those reminders are connected with easy-to-use tables that track rotations, requirements, learning materials, announcements, and third-party vendors. Clinical rotation managers can create additional custom tables to maximize ACEMAPP’s functionality.

In contrast to the class schedule focus, managing hundreds of students’ rotations gets complicated very quickly since each student has different requirements. For administrators managing clinical rotations, requirement tracking is sorted by affiliation and rotation.

By affiliation, ACEMAPP tracks school-specific requirements for completion and provides extensive lists of the items needed for completion. Students are alerted of requirements and deadlines with the announcement system, and rotation managers can receive the same breakdowns to help guide students through the process.

When managing members by rotation, the system displays the compliance status of students and lets administrators monitor pre-, post-, and in-progress requirements.

This tracking mechanism allows ACEMAPP to offer a wide range of analytical reports, giving clinical education coordinators clear, concise results to assess what is working and assist in any changes needed moving forward to improve organizational processes further.

The Help Desk
The ACEMAPP Help Desk has been designed as another in-depth, wonderful resource hub for users. This element of ACEMAPP’s services provides users with access to a database of articles written to assist in a customer service capacity. If the question extends beyond any readily available articles, users can quickly connect with the ACEMAPP support team to start a support ticket and receive expert analysis and solutions.

Articles are coded with “member type indicators” to signal to the reader if that article is written for their platform use. All articles are broken down into a Table of Contents that links directly to the desired section. Key terms are highlighted and collected in a glossary that defines the term as it pertains to ACEMAPP. Then, it connects users to articles associated with the topic so they have full access to all related materials.

Not connected yet to ACEMAPP?
The ACEMAPP team prides itself on exceptional customer service and providing clients with the tools necessary to maximize the benefits of the software. If the insights included in this version of Tips and Tricks: The ACEMAPP Masterguide intrigue your organization, request a free demo today. Or, for additional questions related to this or any other ACEMAPP feature, please visit the ACEMAPP Help Desk for additional helpful articles written by our exceptional Customer Service personnel.