Tips & Tricks: ACEMAPP Automated Emails

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Tips & Tricks: ACEMAPP Automated Emails content

Tips & Tricks: ACEMAPP Automated Emails

In the video above, we cover some of the important emails that are sent automatically by ACEMAPP. The information we cover applies to all ACEMAPP administrators.

Getting Started Emails to Students
When creating your student's accounts, ACEMAPP does the behind-the-scenes work for you by getting the students to verify their accounts and sending them a welcome email to get started.

Once you register a student account, they will get their verification email.

If a student you are trying to register already has an ACEMAPP account, you will need to add their affiliation. This will send the student an affiliation automated email for them to log in and approve the affiliation with the school.

After students have verified their ACEMAPP Account, they will receive a welcome email.

Rotation Emails
You can rest assured that once you assign students to their rotation placement, they will receive a rotation notification email letting them know that they have been assigned.

ACEMAPP will also notify your members with a compliance reminder email when they have missing or incomplete items.

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