Tips & Tricks: Managing Compliance (for students)

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Tips & Tricks: Managing Compliance (for students) content

Tips & Tricks: Managing Compliance (for students)

This tips & tricks video is intended to help our students easily understand their home page and track compliance in ACEMAPP. Watch the video above or follow the steps outlined below to learn more.

Navigating to your home page
Once logged in to ACEMAPP at the top right corner of any ACEMAPP page, click your name in the upper-right corner. From the drop-down menu under navigation, click on the appropriate member type.

Managing your home page
When you navigate to your student home page, you will have an "items requiring attention" pop-up to remind you of incomplete items in ACEMAPP. You can move, collapse, and expand each box on your home page for easy navigation and viewing.

Rotations table
The rotations table shows the rotation ID, start and end dates, program, and status of any current or upcoming rotation assignments you have in ACEMAPP. You will also see any incomplete or expiring items under the compliance column.

Requirements table
Your requirements table will show items you may need to complete based on your affiliation to an entity or rotation assignment. To upload documentation, click the "manage requirement" icon in the Requirements table under the Actions column.

  • Important: If there is no "manage requirement" button, please contact your school coordinator regarding how they would like you to share documentation with them so they can update your requirements to reflect compliance within ACEMAPP.

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Custom fields table
Your school or clinical site may capture specific information from you. A custom field is a part of your profile. To complete the custom fields, click "edit," "enter the required information, and click "save."

Learning materials table
Your school and/or the clinical site may require you to complete courses, modules, or assessments before the start of your rotation. Required modules, assessments, or courses are located at the bottom of your home page in the "learning materials" table.
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Affiliations and compliance
The "affiliations" section shows overall compliance. You must check your school's "compliance" column and each rotation you may be assigned to in ACEMAPP.

Announcements table
View essential announcements from your school or clinical site for further information.

Vendors table
Your school or clinical site may work with various third-party vendors to help streamline your background check and/or immunization processes. If applicable, you will see a vendors table under your student notifications.
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We hope these quick navigation tips and tricks will help you when using ACEMAPP. If you have any questions, please contact ACEMAPP support at or 844-223-4292.