Tips & Tricks: The Help Desk

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Tips & Tricks: The Help Desk content

Tips & Tricks: The Help Desk

This tips & tricks video is intended to help our members use the ACEMAPP Help Desk. Watch the video above or follow the steps outlined below to learn more.

Navigating the help desk
At the top of any ACEMAPP page, click on the Help Desk tab in the blue bar menu. 

On the Help Desk home page, you will see the Getting Started section. This area houses introductory articles.

On the left side of the page, you will see three tables: Search, Categories, and Contact Us. The Search table is a quick easy way to find articles by searching key words. To view an article, click on “Read More” The Categories table has organized tabs to locate all articles related to a topic you need further assistance with. At the bottom you will also see where all Help Desk Videos are housed. The Contact Us table has our support phone numer, email, and a quick easy way to Start a Support Ticket.

Viewing An Article
Before clicking on an article, you can easily identify if the article is helpful for you by hovering over the Member Type indicators to see if the article is intended for you.

When viewing an article, there is a Table of Contents you can use to quickly navigate to a specific section within the article.

Some articles include a video that demonstrates the process. Every article includes step-by-step instructions and includes both images and descriptions of the process. At the bottom of each article, you can view and quickly navigate to any related articles.

If you would like to print the article for future reference, you can do so by clicking on the print button at the top right corner of each article.

ACEMAPP Glossary
Within each article, ACEMAPP terms may be highlighted. These terms are used throughout our Help Desk guides and ACEMAPP. 

To view the word's meaning as it pertains to ACEMAPP, simply hover over or click on the term.

Additional Questions
We hope these quick navigation tips and tricks will help you when using the ACEMAPP Help Desk. If you would like further assistance, you are always encouraged to contact us at or 844-223-4292.