Using ACEMAPP For Graduate Nursing Programs

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Using ACEMAPP For Graduate Nursing Programs content

Using ACEMAPP For Graduate Nursing Programs

While ACEMAPP is a great option for all healthcare programs, some of the most common programs we host are graduate nursing programs such as CRNA and DNP. Below, we’ve outlined our top 5 reasons to host your graduate nursing programs in ACEMAPP.

  1. Flexible Setup: Our team can help you implement a process that works for your particular program. You have the option to set up a process so students can apply for rotations directly with a clinical site, or the school can manage requests.
  2. Preceptor Management: You have the option to create preceptor accounts if you prefer to manage preceptor compliance or would like preceptors to set their availability and accept requests online. Hosting preceptors in ACEMAPP allows you to manage preceptor incentive programs easily.
  3. Clinical Experience Tracking: Case and time log tracking systems allow students, educators, faculty, and preceptors to track time spent in clinical encounters while monitoring clinical competencies and skills.
  4. Communication: Reminders are automated, so you don’t have to remind students of their requirements. However, broadcast messaging is available should you need to contact your students or faculty. Additionally, stores contact information for your partner schools and clinical sites.
  5. Detailed Reporting: ACEMAPP helps to collect and report on all of the information you may need for accreditation, during audits, or simply for your own knowledge.

If you are considering streamlining your graduate nursing program and would like to schedule a demonstration, please click here or contact us at or 844-223-4292.