Using Applications To Manage Rotation Requests Directly

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Using Applications To Manage Rotation Requests Directly content

Using Applications To Manage Rotation Requests Directly

ACEMAPP's application feature allows schools and clinical sites to collect custom information from any member type. We especially recommend the application process for clinical sites interested in accepting applications for placements directly from students, volunteers, and observers and have outlined the benefits of this particular process below. 


  •  Streamlined process: ACEMAPP will help you to establish a clear process for members interested in completing an experience with your organization. We also provide a space to share process steps, FAQs, and any other pertinent information you may want to share with applicants.
  •  Standardized data collection: Decide which fields you’d like to collect based on program, member type, or any other factor. Add as many or as few questions as you require. 
  •  Make informed decisions: Export data from applications to prioritize applications based on a particular field, or simply to have all applications in one place for a randomized selection. Decisions can be made and shared using ACEMAPP or following your existing processes. 
  •  Flexible permissions: Allow certain members of your team to have as much or as little access as needed. Decide who will review applications and requirements (if applicable) once approved. Assign specific team members or allow partners (i.e. school coordinators, faculty, preceptors) to participate in any step of the process. 

Getting Started
The applications feature is included with any ACEMAPP Collaboration or ACEMAPP Solutions subscription.  Contact us to schedule a consultation at or 844-223-4292. We'll work with you to determine whether the applications feature would be beneficial to your processes.