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"I admire how prompt you are in responding to any queries or concerns. Thank you so much for everything." - Student 

"Very much appreciate the training instructor working with me as I did not have a microphone. I also appreciated the tailored training directly to me since there were no other attendees in the training session. Very patient, kind, and informative." - Clinical User

"This single phone call helped save so much time. I am grateful for your help. Your customer service is truly a blessing. - Clinical User Excellent customer service. So knowledgeable, helpful, and resourceful." - School User 

"ACEMAPP service was great. The response was thorough and gave me clear instructions on how to help resolve my issue. Thanks." - Student 

"The customer support team is always very responsive and never act like its a bother." - Clinical User

"I appreciate the option to be able to talk to someone on the phone directly. It is so much easier to discuss a problem with a person than writing an email or a chat rep. I appreciate that there is always someone ready to discuss the issue and walk us through step by step. Please keep this service. The representatives have been truly professional and respectful. I applaud your service." - School User

"The support team helped tremendously and led me in the right direction in order to fix my issue. I’m completely satisfied." - Student 

"The response time was great and what I needed. Thanks." - Clinical User

"Thank you for responding quick." - School User

"The team is always very responsive and helpful. I’m always impressed by them." - Clinical User

"ALWAYS makes me feel like a valued customer!!!!!" - School User

"Was very willing to help me and listen to what my issue was. It was very pleasing to be worked with, given circumstances." - Student 

"Very good instructions and easy to understand. Thanks" - School User

"I am impressed with the level of customer service you provide for even the smallest issue. Thank you for making this a great experience for one who did not grow up with a computer." - Student

"They were great and helped me with my issue in no time. Very professional and knowledgeable." - School User

"The representative assured me that he could solve my issue. By merging my account, he saved me money and the hassle of confusion by eliminating my old school. Not only was the issue solved, but it was solved quickly. I truly appreciate the efforts and consideration on his part." - Student