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ACEMAPP Solutions facilitates engagement, advancement, and retention for health care professionals on behalf of their organizations. Extensive reporting allows administrators to pull information at a moments notice. Personalized training, consulting, and support is included with every membership.  


Professional Development
Onboarding Management
Talent Sourcing

Members can participate in mentoring, track Continuing Education credits, register for events with your organization, create an online ePortfolio, and submit requirements for your organization’s custom career ladder program. 

Manage staff, observers, volunteers, and/or shadowers. Assign courses, forms, modules, assessments, surveys, and any other requirements you may have. Monitor progress, schedule rotations, and be notified of changes in real time.

Engage with students approaching graduation as well as established health care professionals. If they completed clinical rotations at your facility, you will be able to see their clinical rotation history and  evaluations from staff. 


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