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Georgia Gwinnett College, a unit of the University Center of Georgia []

School of Science and Technology []

School of Science and Technology Information

The School of Science and Technology (SST) provides innovative programs in science, math, and technology. No matter what your major, you will always be challenged to think outside the box – and outside the lab.

All SST majors are challenged to demonstrate mastery of their chosen field through faculty-mentored research projects or internships. It's a requirement. But it's also led to fascinating learning opportunities. Past projects have focused on such topics as air quality, the environmental impact of kudzu and the development of web-based animation as a teaching tool.

The SST believes in using smart technology to help students grasp new material and develop critical-thinking skills. That commitment has led to many teaching innovations – including the award-winning Mobile Learning Project, which incorporates hand-held digital technology into the teaching of organic chemistry. In the end, however, it's our faculty's dedication to student success that makes the SST a great place to learn.

Biology Internships - Experiential Learning []
Enrolling in BIOL4800 is one option to complete the graduation requirement for research/internship experience.Other options include BIOL4560 - Research Methods in Biology, BIOL4570 - Experimental Methods in Biology, STEC 4500 - Undergraduate Research, STEC 4800 - Service Learning.

BIOL4800 is a course that includes 100-120 hour on-site engagement in a location that fits the planned career. Students must submit an application to the Biology Internship/Experiential Learning Committee for approval. Application Materials are available at [log-in required}.

BIOL 4800 – Biology Internship (3 credits)

Prerequisite: Permission of the internship coordinator. An internship or research project is required of all biology majors. Internships need to be approved 3-6 months prior to registration in the course. Upon completion of this internship, students will:

  • Gather accurate information about a possible career path,
  • Effectively use methodology associated with the profession, such as the scientific method, problem-solving in the work environment or assuming responsible tasks of the profession,
  • Communicate in-depth scientific information effectively in oral and written form, using appropriate terminology and media, and
  • Collect and analyze data and interpret results in chart/graph and oral/written form.

GGC Vision Statement
Georgia Gwinnett College will be a premier 21st Century Liberal Arts College where learning will take place continuously in and beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Its cornerstones will be innovative use of educational technology and a commitment to an integrated educational experience that develops the whole person. GGC will be a wellspring of educational innovation. It will be a dynamic learning community where faculty engagement in teaching and mentoring students will be the hallmark. It will be a driving force for change in student success. As such, it will be a model for innovative approaches to education, faculty engagement with students, and highly efficient student, facility, and administrative services.

GGC Mission Statement
Georgia Gwinnett College provides access to targeted baccalaureate and associate level degrees that meet the economic development needs of the growing and diverse population of the northeast Atlanta metropolitan region. It emphasizes the innovative use of technology and active-learning environments to provide students enhanced learning experiences, practical opportunities to apply knowledge, increased scheduling flexibility, and a variety of course delivery options. Georgia Gwinnett’s outstanding faculty and staff actively engage students in various learning environments, serve as mentors and advisors, and assist students through programs designed to enhance their academic, social, and personal development. GGC produces contributing citizens and future leaders for Georgia and the nation. Its graduates are inspired to contribute to the local, state, national, and international communities and are prepared to anticipate and respond effectively to an uncertain and changing world.