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We have revised our immunization requirements to better meet the needs of our students and faculty.

Students are encouraged to begin completing their requirements at least 30 days prior to the start of their rotation.

Immunization and Requirement Tips:

1) Northside Employees are exempt from providing proof of immunization. Please submit a Northside Hospital Student/Employee Confirmation application for approval.

2) Supporting vaccination documents should include verifiable documents (i.e. GRITS or other vaccination record).

3) Students/Clinical Faculty are required to provide proof of Flu vaccination/declination if their clinical experience begins/ends during the current Flu Season (October 1st through March 31st).

4) Non Northside Employees are assigned Learning Modules to complete within ACEMAPP in preparation for their clinical experience.

Please refer to Northside Immunization Requirements for Students and Faculty for a complete and updated list.

A NOTE to Credentialing Staff/Clinical Faculty - All supporting documents uploaded in ACEMAPP should be valid for the duration of clinical rotation. Documents such as a BLS card or proof of a negative Tuberculin test cannot expire during clinical rotation. During Flu Season, students whose rotation starts or ends after October 1st must provide proof of Flu vaccination by October 1st. We encourage the students to upload the vaccine before the start of their rotation so that there would be no interruption in their clinical experience.

***High-Risk areas are Women’s Services, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Oncology/Infusion Center, ICU, Respiratory Therapy, Child Development Center, and ED and Patient Access at Gwinnett campus.

If you have any questions regarding our requirements, please reach out to our Student Placement Office (404) 845-5577 or via email at patient.carestudents@northside.com

Northside Immunization Requirements for Students and Faculty Northside Immunization Requirements for Students and Faculty