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Welcome Students!

Our Mission

We exist to serve our patients with compassionate health care of the highest quality.

Our Vision
Providing exceptional healthcare and service while leading Wabash Valley communities to their best health and wellness.

Student Opportunities

Union Health System offers the following educational opportunities for students attending programs with academic partners:

* Internships for allied health students and other graduate students

* Clinical rotations for medical students, advanced practice nursing, physician assistant, and other graduate students

* Clinical rotations for pre-licensure nursing students

Student Request Process

1. Students requesting a non-clinical internship or clinical preceptor-led rotation within Union Health System will need to complete and submit the application below to initiate the request process. Please note that there are separate forms for NON-CLINICAL and CLINICAL applications. Be sure to use the current application, complete all required sections, and submit a current CV or Resume with the subject line "Non-Clinical Internship Application" or "Clinical Preceptor-Led Rotation Application" to

2. The application will be received and reviewed by Union Health System and you will be contacted with approval or denial via email. Approved applications will also be forwarded to the school faculty and/or placement coordinator listed on the application form.

3. Union Health System utilizes ACEMAPP to onboard and certify approved students. Students will be registered in ACEMAPP by their school following the notice of the approved application.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 817-238-7674.

Please select the applicable application form ( You must have the most recent version of Adobe to open and submit application):

Non-Clinical Internship Only: Non-Clinical Internship Application

Clinical Preceptor-led Rotation Only: Clinical Preceptor-Led Rotation Application