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Document Review Made Simple.

ACEMAPP Assure offers professional document review services to its members. When you entrust your organization's document reviewing needs to Assure, you'll create a streamlined process to manage student and/or faculty compliance.

Our Process:

1. Consultation
2. Implementation
3. Customer Success
4. Verification

We'll work with you to determine a timeline, set up requirements, and finalize approval standards for our team to follow during the review process.  

Our team will create your administrator profiles so you may begin enrolling Assure members. We will provide instructions for all participants.

We will set up a meeting to walk you through your new ACEMAPP Assure account, including where to see requirements, results, and more. 
Assure members will upload documents for our team to review. Results will be available as soon as the review process is complete.


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Or, contact us with any questions at or 844-223-4292.
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