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Q: I have provided the required documents to my learning institution. Do I still need to provide those same items to Colquitt Regional?
A: Yes. Each student assigned to rotations at Colquitt Regional must be compliant with all requirements before starting their clinical rotation experience. After being assigned to a rotation at Colquitt Regional, your student account in ACEMAPP will allow you to select documents you have provided to your school as evidence of completing Colquitt Regional’s requirements. If you did not provide a pertinent document to your school, you will have an option to upload and submit a document for Colquitt Regional’s requirements.

Q: Some requirements at Colquitt Regional are not required by my learning institution. Am I still required to complete those?
A: Yes. The requirements for rotations at Colquitt Regional are intended to safeguard patients, staff, as well as faculty and students from learning institutions. All requirements listed on your rotation are required before starting a clinical rotation experience.

Q: Can I complete some of my requirements after starting my clinical rotation experience?
A: No. All requirements must be completed before starting a clinical rotation experience.

Q: Are students required to pay the membership fee?
A: Yes. Annually, there is a $50 membership fee.

Q: If I am an employee at Colquitt Regional, am I exempt from completing any requirements?
A: Yes. There are some requirements specific to Colquitt Regional that are automatically cleared for employees. If you are an employee at Colquitt Regional, please complete the application on the announcement page of your student account.

Q: Do students and faculty have to complete their background checks and drug screens at Colquitt Regional Medical Center?
A: No. Students and Faculty may upload a copy of their background check or drug screen results from their school.

If there are any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Jordan Key
Medical Education Administrator

Kayla Long Education Director kalon@colquittregional.com 229-891-9448