Student On-boarding

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Student On-boarding content

General Requirements and Guidelines:

  • Student placement requests are made through ACEMAPP and are subject to StudentMax consortium deadlines. Late requests are not considered.
  • Any individual requests received from students or instructors must be routed through ACEMAPP to be considered. All ACEMAPP requests should come from the coordinators or site directors.
  • All student approvals are handled by the student placement coordinator via ACEMAPP.
  • Kaiser Sunnyside and Kaiser Westside have DEU agreements in place. Schools with DEU agreements are prioritized for rotation approvals.
  • The team meets to review requests at the earliest opportunity following placement of requests. Notifications are entered into ACEMAPP as decisions are made.

Processing Students:

Clinical Program coordinators responsibilities: (various school coordinators)

  • Request student rotation(s) via ACEMAPP. Include rotation type, unit requested, total hours needed, shift, and the exact days of the week, if applicable. Requests lacking this information will be considered incomplete and will be declined.
  • Submit completed KPNW Student Access Form once rotations are approved, and no later than 3 weeks prior to on-campus ORIENTATION date. The form includes:
    • Name: ensure correct spelling of first and last name. Middle initial is REQUIRED. List both students and instructors.
    • Assigned unit(s)
    • Date of birth
    • Student ID Number
    • Whether the student has ever been previously employed, contracted, or placed as a student at any Kaiser facility in the past
    • Instructor’s credentials, school employee number, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • Work with site coordinator to schedule student/faculty orientation.
  • Clinical coordinators are responsible for ensuring required documentation is uploaded to ACEMAPP by the due date (two weeks prior to clinical orientation start date).