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COVID-19 content

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COVID-19 Policies & Considerations

ACEMAPP Student Placements

  • The number of students allowed in a clinical group for the Winter/Spring semester has not been reduced
  • Students will be restricted from certain units
  • Prefer off-site or virtual pre- and post-conferences, but will try to accommodate.

COVID-19 Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Students are screened for COVID-19 upon entry
  • For each shift, students are required to self-monitor and report to faculty, who overall verifies that student can be on-site and directs student on next steps if needed
  • There is a COVID-19 Toolkit that can be found on the intranet (under MyMichigan links)

PPE Considerations & Scrub Policy

  • MyMichigan will supply students with PPE. We will provide a daily surgical mask, students will provide N95.
  • Students are asked to wear school uniforms and "street mask" into facility, and receive surgical mask on the unit.