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Phoebe’s Shadowing Program is an observation-only experience for students age 16 and older. You must be 18 years or older to complete a shadowing experience in the Operating Room. FIT Testing must be completed for those that are shadowing a physician in the Emergency Center or in the Operating Room (including Anesthesiologist Assistants), and shadowing a Respiratory Therapist.

Are you looking to request a shadowing experience? Please follow the directions below.

1. Log in to ACEMAPP
If you already have an ACEMAPP account, please log into your existing account. If you do not yet have an ACEMAPP account, visit https://collaboration.acemapp.org/reg to create your account.

2. Submit your application to shadow at Phoebe

Click "Apply" and complete all requested information, then click “Submit”.

3. Await application status
You will receive a notification email from ACEMAPP once your application has been reviewed. If you receive an email that you have been approved for placement, log back into ACEMAPP to complete your compliance steps in preparation for your placement.

Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc.; requires that all shadowing students be fully vaccinated in order to shadow at any Phoebe facility.

Contact ACEMAPP Support with any questions regarding your ACEMAPP account or how to complete the application.

Contact Student Services at Phoebe with any questions regarding your shadowing experience at StudentObservationServices@phoebehealth.com or studentservices@phoebehealth.com.

Southwest Area Health Education Center

Congratulations on taking this important step in pursuit of a health career; your community needs you!  Shadowing is a great way to learn more about health careers and make you more competitive in the application process. The Southwest Area Health Education Center (SOWEGA-AHEC) non-profit mission is to grow the healthcare workforce in Southwest Georgia.  As a long-time partner and collaborator with Phoebe, we want to support you in your journey to becoming a health care professional.  We can start by offering career counseling free of charge; we want to help set the path for your success as a health care provider.  Once enrolled in a program, we can help coordinate clinical training time, offer travel support or housing, and finally, once you are practicing, we can help you stay up to date with Continuing Education.   To take the next step on your health career journey, please complete the Student Support Profile form at https://formstack.io/35D8E; we will be notified when you complete it and reach out to you then.  We look forward to working with you. – SOWEGA-AHEC sowega-ahec.org