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Requesting Rotations at Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare utilizes ACEMAPP to manage clinical education, including rotation requests and onboarding. ACEMAPP is a collaborative platform for healthcare education, recruitment, and professional development.

Request Submission Schedule:

Spring (August 1-31) | Summer (February 1-28) | Fall (April 1-30)

Student Clearance Procedure

Before sending any students to Piedmont, all members assigned to a rotation must be fully compliant and the rotation roster must have been sent via ACEMAPP. You will receive a direct email from Piedmont Healthcare letting you know when your students are cleared to be on-site and begin their clinical experience.

Instructions for Schools
Schools must submit all student placement requests through ACEMAPP.
If your school is not yet a member of ACEMAPP, please contact ACEMAPP Customer Support to get started.
You are responsible for reviewing certain forms and documents submitted by students in ACEMAPP.
Please note, there is a difference between an "approved rotation" and the student being cleared to begin. A student must be fully compliant (all green checks) before they are cleared to begin.

Instructions for Students and Faculty
All student placement requests will be submitted by your school in ACEMAPP. If your school is a member of ACEMAPP, they will create your account and request your rotation. Once your account has been created, you will receive a welcome email from ACEMAPP. You will need to login, complete your ACEMAPP profile and all necessary requirements to attend a rotation at Piedmont Healthcare.
You are responsible for completing and maintaining compliance for all school and clinical site requirements.

Piedmont Healthcare Orientation Videos

The following video will provide students going to a Piedmont facility with step-by-step instructions for completing responsibilities in ACEMAPP.

You may also view this video at vimeo.com/471078201

This video will provide you with step-by-step instructions for completing your main responsibilities as a school user sending students to a Piedmont facility in ACEMAPP.

You may also view this video at vimeo.com/473476211