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Your role as a student is different than your role as an employee. As a student, you are under a different scope of practice than when in the role of an employee. Your network access is based on the scope of your role and must be adhered to accordingly.

For Atrium Health Floyd Teammates enrolled in an advanced degree program (BSN, MSN, etc.), you will use the “application” option when registering in ACEMAPP. This allows you to bypass requirements already completed when you were hired.

Student Employee Application

Faculty Employee Application

You will need your Atrium Health Floyd ID number and must upload your immunization records.

A background check and drug screen are not required if you are an Atrium Health Floyd employee.

ACEMAPP does not have access to your employee files in HR or your employee health files. You may request your health records from Teammate Health to assist in meeting the health requirements, but you are responsible for uploading the documents to ACEMAPP. If you encounter issues with your account or this process, contact ACEMAPP at 844.223.4292.

For Atrium Health Floyd Teammates who are precepting students or teaching a rotation cohort, your scope of practice differs from that of an employee or student. You must follow guidelines set forth by the school you are working for.