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Institutional Requirements

Students and faculty must complete the following courses and corresponding tests in ACEMAPP. Some "tests" may need an electronic signature indicating that you agree to a statement.

  1. Compliance
  2. Critical Incident
  3. Fire Safety
  4. Patient Safety
  5. Stroke Basics
  6. COVID
  7. Point of Care (POC) Glucose - ONLY Undergraduate Students and Instructors

All site-specific institutional requirements are completed in ACEMAPP. These modules are called "post-requirements". These must be completed, along with all compliance and "pre-requirements", prior to your clinical start date. Only MiChart training is completed in MLearning (the health system learning management system). Please be aware that some of the links within the ACEMAPP modules are to the University of Michigan Health's internal pages and cannot be accessed using an off-site computer. This will NOT prevent you from completing the module or quiz.

University of Michigan Health at Michigan Medicine Employees ONLY If you are an employee at University of Michigan Health, you may apply for Employee Clearance. This will allow you to be exempt from some of the requirements and/or modules in ACEMAPP.

To apply for Employee Clearance, please review the instructions here: Michigan Medicine - Employee Clearance (PDF)
Please indicate in your ACEMAPP profile, in the custom field, if you are a Michigan Medicine employee to be exempted from the following:

  1. All the University of Michigan Health required courses (you must be up-to-date with your institutional requirements in Cornerstone)
  2. ACEMAPP OSHA, HIPAA, and BBP courses
  3. Background Check, Drug Screen, and TB Test (TB Test is a case-by-case exemption and we need to have your school coordinator involved for approval)

Vaccines and BLS cannot be waived and must be entered into ACEMAPP by your school.