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Each clinical nursing student and instructor at UMHS must complete training in the electronic health record (MiChart) in Cornerstone (the health system learning management system). This training must be completed prior to the start of your clinical practicum.

MiChart Training Requirements

  1. The requirements will depend on the area of your practicum and will be determined at the time of your placement request.
  2. To access Cornerstone, go to https://trainingportal.med.umich.edu and log in with your uniqname/username and Level 2 password. UMSN students and faculty may also choose to use their Level 1 password to log in.
  3. Access to MiChart is granted upon successful completion of all required eLearning, classroom content (if applicable), and associated quizzes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an employee, you will have a dual account in MiChart. You will receive an email from MiChart Security informing you that this second role has been created for you. You must choose which role (student or employee) you are functioning in upon login to MiChart. This will allow you to access all pertinent tools for that role. Please see the MiChart Tip Sheet entitled “MiChart Account Manager-For Users with Multiple Accounts” on the MiChart website for complete instructions.