Rotation Process

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Rotation Process

Please follow the process outlined below to request and assign students to rotations at UH. Students will not be allowed to attend rotations until they are fully compliant in ACEMAPP. Click the links below for detailed instructions on how to complete each step.

  1. Request Partnerships
    You will only need to do this one time for each location. Once approved, you may move on to the next step, but you may not request a rotation without an approved partnership.
    Request partnerships:
  2. Submit rotation requests
    You are responsible for submitting rotation requests in ACEMAPP. You will receive an email from ACEMAPP when your rotation request is approved.
    Create a single rotation:
    All rotation requests will need the following information:
    • Student Slots
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Unit/location (drop-down list will be provided in ACEMAPP)
    • Total Hours
    • CI (if precepted; this can be 'TBD' to submit request)
    • Number of Weeks
    • Rehab Type (drop-down list will be provided in ACEMAPP)
    • Student's Name (this can be 'TBD' to submit request)
    • UH Rehab Experiences (drop-down list will be provided in ACEMAPP)
    • Student's year
    • How many rotations have this student had
  3. Create student accounts
    You may begin to add your student's account(s) when the rotation is within 6-8weeks of starting.
    Invite students:
  4. Assign student(s) to rotation(s)
    You may begin to assign students to approved rotations once their accounts have been created.
    Assigning members to rotation:
  5. Review student documents
    Students must upload certain documentation required by UH. Please review and approve/deny documents as needed.
    Manage requirements:
  6. Monitor student compliance
    Verify that students have completed all onboarding items (requirements, modules, assessments, etc.) at least 1 month prior to their rotation start date. Managing compliance:

Background Check Process

Standard Requirements