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Finding a Preceptor

Thank you for considering WellStar as the provider of the clinical experience portion of your academic journey. To be considered for a graduate student clinical placement at a WellStar facility, please submit the following information to students@wellstar.org.

  • Name
  • School
  • Program of Study
  • Type of Rotation
  • Rotation Dates
  • Hours needed
  • Are you a WellStar employee?
  • If you have spoken with a possible preceptor, please provide the following
    • Preceptor name
    • Preceptor credentials
    • Practice name

All requests for preceptors must be submitted through this process. Requests will be granted based on preceptor availability.

Academic institutions will arrange preceptors directly with the WellStar discipline coordinator for most pre-licensure and undergraduate students.


WellStar does not offer unpaid internships at WellStar. If there are any paid positions available, they will be posted on the Wellstar webpage.
Visit careers.wellstar.org to search available positions.


A great option to consider is volunteering at one of our hospitals. You will be exposed to diverse experiences and people. Volunteering also enhances school and job applications. You can find information at WellStar.org.

Here is the link: Volunteer Opportunities


  • Is intended for those considering a career in healthcare or to meet the observation requirements for graduate student admissions.
  • Is not intended for those currently enrolled in any healthcare profession program; that must be addressed through an affiliation agreement.
  • The time frame is limited to 80 hours in two consecutive calendar weeks.
  • Involves no direct patient care.
  • A WellStar employee acts as the preceptor.
  • Individual units, at their discretion, may limit or not allow observers.
  • Observers must be at least 16 years old. Some areas may require a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Current immunizations and a background check and drug screen will be required.
  • Medical students and recent graduates from medical school do not qualify for this program. We encourage you to apply for our WellStar residency programs.

WellStar Team Members

A Wellstar team member's role as a student is separate from their role as an employee. When a Wellstar team member is at a Wellstar site as a student, they are expected to meet all requirements of any student.

The Office of Academic Affairs does not have access to your human resources or employee health files. You may request your health records from employee health to assist in meeting the health requirements listed in ACEMAPP.

All students are required to complete a drug screen and background checks through Advantage Students. This includes Wellstar team members

Contact Information

Please contact us at students@wellstar.org if you require further assistance.

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