Managing Evaluations

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Managing Evaluations
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Managing Evaluations

Generate and distribute customized evaluations to your members.

Evaluation Completion by Rotation

Step 1:

Click the "Rotation" tab from your home page.

Image shows from home page clicking rotations tab

Step 2:

Click the "Evaluations" (clipboard) icon under the Actions. If the icon is highlighted in blue, an evaluation will send for that rotation.

Image shows Evaluation Icon in table

Step 3:

Click the "View" button for the evaluation status per member.

Image shows view button on evaluations page.

Evaluation Reporting

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Evaluations" tab or the "More" tab and select "Evaluations from the drop-down

image shows evaluation tab

Step 2:

In your Actions Column, you have two options:

Preview: You can view the evaluation by clicking the "Preview" icon.

Reports: You can view the reports/analytics of the Evaluation by clicking the "Reports" icon.

Image shows preview and reports button in evaluations table.

Step 3:

You have the option to view the Member List of those who have received evaluations, as well as their completion status.

The Results Report allows you to filter completed evaluations, provides cumulative results, and allows you to view individual or combined evaluation entries.

Export your results into a spreadsheet by clicking the "Download CSV" button.

image report views

NOTE: If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or call 844-223-4292.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

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