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A Snapshot of your Entity in ACEMAPP
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The entity Snapshot provides a summary of your organization in ACEMAPP, including active admin information, student placements, permissions, billing contact information, and more.
Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript
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Your ACEMAPP transcript is a great way to review and export the information stored in ACEMAPP. Your ACEMAPP transcript includes your general profile information, requirements & assessments history, rotation history, and other information stored in ACEMAPP.
Adding a New Admin User
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This help desk guide provides instructions on how to add a new admin user to your organization.
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ACEMAPP Applications can serve a number of purposes. Applications can be used to assist with rotations, affiliation requests, employee affiliations, etc. 
Assignment Data
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The Assignment Data can be entered by bulk uploading it for students. The information added can be used to quickly identify students in ACEMAPP based on Assignment Data.
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