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Expiring Indicators
Member Types:
Expiring Indicators School users now have the option to see an orange "expiring" indicator when students are 30 days or less from a requirement expiring. This way, school coordinators are able to monitor member standings.
Member Types:
School Coordinators can see a faux view of a member's account (student, high school student, company staff, and observers). This feature is view only with no option to click on anything but will give you an idea of what the member sees from their main dashboard.
File Manager
Member Types:
The file manager allows you to upload documents stored securely in ACEMAPP to access anytime. Any documents you upload to the file manager will only be accessible to you unless shared. This includes requirements, profile pictures, support ticket attachments, etc.
Member Types:
Connect with your peers online using ACEMAPP Forums. View topics that interest you, read what other people are saying, or start a new thread of discussion.
Join a Community
Member Types:
Connect with an ACEMAPP Community. ACEMAPP Communities allow you to see news and updates and connect with recruiters from organizations you're interested in. You may be prompted to connect with an organization's community after you've been assigned to a rotation with them.
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