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My Calendar
Member Types:
The ACEMAPP My Calendar is a valuable tool that allows you a broad view of important dates, such as expiring requirements, events you signed up for, and rotations you are assigned to.
Overview of Student Home Page
Member Types:
You must navigate to your Student Home page to complete your Requirements, Custom Fields, and Learning Materials. You can also check your Announcements, Affiliations, and Rotation Details here.
Partner Partner Directory Feature
Member Types:
As a Health System or School System admin in ACEMAPP, this optional feature allows you to be able to request partnerships for entities that fall under your direct umbrella with partners they need to be partnered with.
Partnerships: Document Manager
Member Types:
ACEMAPP allows you to house affiliation agreements and other documents that may pertain to your partnerships, such as liability insurance records and policy documents.
Preceptor Certificate
Member Types:
Preceptor certificates are tied to the time logs submitted by students. The certificate indicates the clinical course and hours spent in clinical precepting. Preceptor certificates are housed within your time log menu and populated according to what was completed within the time log.
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