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Structured Forms on Demand: Members
Member Types:
Your organization may send a Structured Form for you to complete for data and record purposes. This form does not affect compliance.
Structured Forms on Demand: User
Member Types:
Structured Forms on Demand is an optional feature in ACEMAPP that allows you to fill in a pre-defined form or manage forms filled in by other members.
Student Mode
Member Types:
Coordinators can easily add themselves as students within their entity to better understand what their student's experience within ACEMAPP is like.
Submitting Applications
Member Types:
ACEMAPP Applications are used to assist members with requesting a clinical rotation, connecting with an entity as an employee, and observing/shadowing opportunities. This is a feature and my not be present for the organization you are interested in.
Submitting Personal Schedule
Member Types:
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor.
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