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Join a Community
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Connect with an ACEMAPP Community. ACEMAPP Communities allow you to see news and updates and connect with recruiters from organizations you're interested in. You may be prompted to connect with an organization's community after you've been assigned to a rotation with them.
Ladder System Portfolio
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The Ladder System is a feature created for sites and schools to provide healthcare professionals a way to outline experience, education, and professional activities in order to seek advancement and professional growth.
Manage Rotation Catalog - Clinical Sites
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The rotation catalog system allows clinical sites to set rotation availability for a given unit.
Managing References
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The reference system in ACEMAPP allows Faculty or Preceptors to give professional references regarding the just-completed Rotation or Course.
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Creating surveys is a feature available to school and clinical site users by request. Please contact ACEMAPP Support if you are interested in creating a survey.
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