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Member Types:
The Access End Date, previously known as the Graduation Date, is used to clarify when the student should no longer have access to your Entity. Once this date arrives, the student will automatically lose its active affiliation with your organization.
Access/Membership Start Date
Member Types:
The Access/Membership Start Date corresponds to the member's first-year membership period. Members receive access to ACEMAPP 30 days before this date to begin completing their profile, requirements, and assessments. If your member is attending a rotation, this date should be set to 2-4 weeks before their first rotation start date, although this may differ based on the clinical site.
Accessing a Member's ePortfolio
Member Types:
Access a student's ePortfolio to review the educational, professional, and extracurricular accomplishments they have uploaded into ACEMAPP.
Accessing a Student's Transcript
Member Types:
Accessing a student's transcript is a great way to review and/or export their personalized information and data stored in ACEMAPP. This includes Licenses, Assessment History, Course History, Requirement information, Rotation History, and more.
Add an Existing Member to a New Program
Member Types:
Add an existing member to a new program or change their current program.
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