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Create New Member Account
Member Types:
Create new member accounts for Students, Clinical Faculty, Preceptors, and Observers using the "Add One" feature.
Managing Compliance
Member Types:
Managing Compliance Video This tutorial will cover how to manage member compliance in ACEMAPP. If you have any questions, please contact us. 
Managing Expiring Members
Member Types:
If your organization pays for member accounts (i.e., Students), you will receive a notification on your ACEMAPP home screen. This notification will let you know when you have upcoming invoices that contain member accounts that are about to expire.
Managing Member Requirement Dates
Member Types:
As a school or clinical coordinator, you can enter individual completion and expiration dates for requirements. Bulk uploading requirement dates allows you to enter dates for multiple students at the same time.
Managing Member Requirement Documents
Member Types:
ACEMAPP allows members to upload, share and store documents. As a school or clinical coordinator, if a document is required by your school or clinical site, it will need to be approved. If needed, you have the option to upload documents on behalf of students or faculty. To approve or deny requirements with documents, please follow the steps below.
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