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Add Service Lines to a Rotation
Member Types:
Service lines are an additional feature that your organization may choose to utilize. This feature allows you to add other groups or requirements to your rotation.
Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View
Member Types:
When using ACEMAPP's course type rotations, you can see what requirements are attached to that course, as well as assessments, shared fields, and all other Requirements attached to the course.
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
Member Types:
This table lets you quickly view approved rotations starting within the next three weeks from your homepage and check if the roster has been sent. The table also shows if members are assigned to the rotation and if they have met compliance. You can also quickly access the rotation information from this table by clicking on the **Edit** button.
Assign Member(s) to Rotation
Member Types:
When you assign a member to a rotation, they receive notification of the rotation details and are prompted to check their account for clinical requirements. Students or Faculty can access clinical site requirements only after being assigned to the rotation.
Capital Area Consortium Schedule and Clinical Site Members
Member Types:
Rotation upload schedules vary by region. The Capital Consortium Schedule is a specific bulk upload schedule to that region. Please reference the Capital Consortium Clinical Site Members to confirm you are following the correct schedule for each clinical site.
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