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Bulk Upload New Members
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Bulk Upload New Members

Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management in ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

From your home page, click "Members" and select the appropriate member type under the "Affiliation" column.

Image shows members dropdown.

Step 2:

From your Members (Affiliated) table, click "Create" and select "Bulk Upload" from the dropdown menu.

Image shows create dropdown and bulk upload button.

Step 3:

Under "Step 1: Download a template," select the correct program from the dropdown menu and click the "Pull Template" button. Once the template is generated, click the "Download Template" button.

Open the file and fill out the required columns. Save the CSV file to your computer.

Image shows program dropdown, pull template button, and download template button.

WARNING: The upload has a restriction of only 200 rows of data. If your CSV has more than 200, please upload it in batches.

NOTE: It is highly recommended you download a new template for your upload.

Step 4:

Under "Step 2: Upload Completed Template," click "Start Upload Process" to upload your completed template.

Image shows start upload process button.

Step 5:

Select the program for the members you are uploading. You can also add any tags you would like applied to this group of members to find them quickly later (this is optional). Browse your device for the completed CSV file by clicking the "Browse" button under "Select the CSV".

When you have verified all the data is correct, click the "Submit" button.

image pointing to Select a program required field, the add tags (optional) field, the browse button under the select the CSV required field, and the submit button on Review your data page


The system also allows tags to be uploaded from the CSV file. The tag MUST already exist in the system and must match EXACTLY how it appears in the system.

Multiple Tags

The system does allow you to upload multiple tags at once. However, the tags MUST already exist in the system; they must be separated with a vertical bar (aka a pipe | - not to be confused with a capital i) and match precisely how it appears in the system.

NOTE: Uploading Tags WILL NOT create new tags in the system. New tags are created during the on-screen process in Step 2 by clicking the "Create New Tag" button.

Step 6:

Information from the CSV file is then populated into the "Review Data" section.

Review and edit the information as needed:

  • Required fields are denoted with an orange bar. Please complete all of the required information before moving forward.
  • Fields that require attention are highlighted in red.

Once you have confirmed the data is correct, click the "Submit" button to finish.

Image pointing to Review your data header and submit button on Bulk upload page

Step 7:

Next, you will see a Processing Complete pop-up.

The pop-up confirms new accounts have been successfully created. Please review to make sure all your members are listed.

  • Once confirmed, click the "Close" button to finish.
  • To add a new group, click the "Start New List" button.
  • To go back to your original data and remove the successfully created members, click the "Clear Completed" button.

image pointing to information on Processing Complete pop-up window, and the Close, Clear Completed and Start New List button


What if my data is highlighted in red?

Please review the information entered. Fields that require attention are highlighted in red. Note the column the data is in and any errors these fields may contain. If a date field is highlighted, please verify that the Date is entered correctly (If it is a completion date, it cannot be a date in the future. If it is an email field, please verify that the email address is correctly typed).

Image highlighting red required fields with error, and It looks like there are still errors in the data. Please take care of any of the red fields before attempting to submit

What if I have uploaded the incorrect data, or would you like to start over?

Click the "Start Over" button. Update the information entered in your CSV file, then follow the above steps to resubmit. You can also refresh the page.

Image pointing to the start over button on bulk upload page

An Affiliation is a connection between a Member and an Entity.

Affiliations define Member Types and often include Graduation or End Dates.

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