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SCORM Courses
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SCORM Courses

ACEMAPP hosts SCORM courses for some organizations. SCORM courses have stricter compliance guidelines than other learning materials you may complete in ACEMAPP.

How to Complete SCORM Courses

Step 1:

Make sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge installed.

Note: Safari is not supported. Please use a different browser.

Step 2:

Click "Take SCORM Course" (bullseye icon) button to the left of the proper course in your "Learning Materials" table

NOTE: Courses you have not started will be red. Courses in progress and incomplete will be red and have a Time Remaining countdown. Courses that are expiring within 60 days will be orange.

image shows SCORM course under learning materials

Step 3:

Click the "BEGIN COURSE" button. The screen may take a second or two to start the course.

NOTE: You must view the course in its entirety and complete every activity to reach all necessary checkpoints within the course. If you skip ahead, the course will not be considered complete.

image of Begin Course button example

Step 4:

Once you reach the end of the course, click the "Submit Course" button at the bottom of the screen to exit and record your attempt.

image Submit Course button

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SCORM?

  • SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products.
  • SCORM tells programmers how to write code to "play well" with other e-learning software.

I watched the course, but it is not showing as complete.

  • Make sure you do not skip through any portion of the course, as this could cause the course not to meet all checkpoints for completion.
  • Navigating away from the course before you click the "Submit" button may mark it as incomplete.
  • Make sure you pass any quiz/skill checks in the module.
  • If you have done all that and the course still shows as "In-Progress," you may have missed an interaction. Please reload the course from the beginning and try again.

The completion of all required items in ACEMAPP.

A course, module, or assessment.

A course, module, or assessment.

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