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Referral Feature
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Using the referral feature in ACEMAPP allows you to initiate the process of getting your partner organization into ACEMAPP. Follow these steps to send a referral:

Step 1:

From your Home Page, click the "More" tab in your navigation bar, and from the drop-down, click "Referrals" to open the Referrals page.

NOTE: This is an optional feature. If you do not see the "Referrals" button, please contact an ACEMAPP team member to turn this feature on.

image user home screen highlighting More tab and referral button in drop-down

Step 2:

On the Referrals page, click the "+ New Referral" button to open the New Referral form.

Referrals page highlighting the New Referral button

Step 3:

Fill in the form, making sure to enter the correct email address and all Required Fields.

Click "Send" to save the information and send the referral.

image example of referral form and save

To learn more, please contact ACEMAPP Support at 844-223-4292 or email us at