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Resending Email Verification Link
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Resending Email Verification Link

You must verify your email before you can access your account. We will send a verification email to each email address on your account. Please check your email inbox, including spam folders, and click the link provided within the email to complete the verification process. Verification emails are valid for seven days, after which they will expire.

You can resend the Verification link by following these steps.

Step 1:

Go to and click "Login."

images show login button at

Step 2:

Click the "Resend Verification" button to resend a verification link.

NOTE: Only click the button once; the link is unique, and each request will void the previous one.

image shows resend verification button

Step 3:

You will get a notification with the email address that the link that has been sent:

image shows confirmation of email verification link sent

Step 4:

Go to the email inbox associated with the email address on your ACEMAPP account to click the verification link.
Note If you are not finding the sent email, please search your inbox for mail from

image shows email verification link

Step 5:

After clicking the verification link in your email, you will get the following confirmation: image show verification confirmation

Step 6:

Click on the link in your email to set a new password. Once your password has been set, you may log in using your verified email address: image shows email for setting password

If you have questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact us at or 844-223-4292.

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