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ACEMAPP strives to provide a web experience in which we can all take part by default. While we are always trying to improve our accessibility, we do use some third-party applications that were not created with accessibility in mind but do provide great value. In these instances, we have created alternatives that are functionally identical to their non-accessible counterparts but are displayed to cooperate with assistive technologies.

ACEMAPP strives to meet the standards of WCAG 1, WCAG 2, as well as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

ACEMAPP tests each page using a variety of tools:

The Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

aXe browser extension

NVDA screen reader

To turn on Accessibility

Accessibility is set as a theme you can turn on or off.

Step 1

Click on your name on the top right of your screen.

member home screen pointing to avatar/name top right of screen

Step 2

From the drop-down, click on "Profile"

navigation drop-down highlighting Profile button

Step 3

While on the General form of your profile, click the "Theme" drop-down and select "Accessible"

profile general form highlighting Theme dropdown

Step 4

Click "Save" to save your changes.

Profile general form highlighting Save button

A request made by a member for a rotation opportunity or to affiliate with an entity.

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

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