Case and Time Log Hours Report

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Case and Time Log Hours Report
Member Types:

Step 1:

From your home page, click the "Reporting" tab to open the Reporting Dashboard.

Image shows home page highlighting reporting tab.

NOTE: Preceptor and Faculty, you may access the report via the Manage Time Logs or Manage Case Logs page.

Step 2:

On the Reporting Dashboard, click the "View All' tab and type "case and time log" in the search bar to filter the reports. Click the "Run Report" button.

Image shows reporting dashboard highlighting case and time log hours run report button.

Step 3:

Apply filters to narrow your results. All filters are optional. Once all filters have been applied, please click the green "Submit" button.

Image shows report filters and submit button.

Step 4:

The results table displays the member's first and last name, the rotation ID (hyperlinked to rotation edit page), course, total case log patient time and case log preceptor times, total case log time, and total time log time. Please use the "Export" button to export the results to a CSV file.

Case and time log hours results table displaying first and last name, rotation ID, course, case log types, case log total patient time, case log total preceptor time, case log total time, time log types, and time log total time.

To learn more, please contact ACEMAPP Support at 844-223-4292 or email us at

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