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Communities: Custom Field Report
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View completed custom fields from entities your community is directly connected to.

Step 1:

Click "Reporting" from your Community home screen to open the Reporting Dashboard.

Image shows reporting tab on the home page.

Step 2:

Under "Member," locate the Community Custom Field report, then click "Run Report."

Image shows community custom field report under "Member."

Step 3:

Select any optional member tags, and then click "Submit."

Image shows optional member tags filter and submit button.

Step 4:

Please wait for the report to process, then view the results. Use the "Export" button to export the report and the "Start Over" button to reset your report filters.

Image shows report results, export button, and start over button.

A custom field is part of the profile displaying customized fields from an entity.

An Entity is a School, Clinical Site, High School, Company, etc.

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