Signing Forms Electronically

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Signing Forms Electronically
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ACEMAPP allows schools and clinical sites to cut down on paperwork by enabling members to sign documents electronically.

Follow these steps to complete the requirement when your e-signature is required for a document or form.

Step 1:

Once all the required information has been entered into the form and you are ready to sign the document, scroll down to the signature box.

signature area

Step 2:

To sign the form electronically with your mouse, hold down the left-click mouse button inside the gray signature box and drag your cursor in the box to draw your name.

NOTE: If you make a mistake, click the "Undo last stroke" button to clear your last mark in this area.

signature area highlighting undo the last stroke button

Step 3:

Check the checkbox below your signature to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

signature area highlighting check box to agree to conditions

Step 4:

Click "Submit" to submit your form for review.

submit button

A requirement is an item a member may need to complete based on their affiliation to an entity or rotation assignment.

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