Assessments: Review & Reset Attempts

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Assessments: Review & Reset Attempts
Member Types:

Assessments: Review & Reset Attempts

If a member does not pass an assessment in the number of attempts allotted, you can reset the assessment to allow for more shots.

Step 1:

From your home screen, select the "Members" tab and choose the appropriate member type (Student, Clinical Faculty, etc.) under "Affiliation."

NOTE: For Clinical Site Users, select the member type under "Rotation."

image shows members dropdown

Step 2:

Search for the member's name using the "Search Box" on the right. Click "Manage" next to the member's name.

Image shows member manage button

Step 3:

Click the "Assessments" icon to manage the member's assessments.

image shows Assessments tab

Step 4:

The "LMS View" page will show any Learning Materials the member has for your organization.

Image shows LMS View

Step 5:

Review the failed attempt and confirm that it is the assessment you need to reset. Click "Delete" next to the failed attempt.

Image shows trash can icon to delete attempt

Step 6:

Confirm that you want to delete that assessment attempt.

image shows confirm delete button

NOTE: This will permanently delete the attempt from the system. Once the attempt has been deleted from the system, it cannot be recovered.

An Affiliation is a connection between a Member and an Entity.

Affiliations define Member Types and often include Graduation or End Dates.

A rotation is a scheduled clinical experience.

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