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Change Logs
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User-Specific Change Logs

The User Specific Change Log lets you quickly view any system changes directly impacting you.

New Change Log

Step 1:

To access the Change Log, click the "Global Notification" icon at your screen's top-right corner.

image Global notification

Step 2:

From the drop-down, click the "New Change Log" notification.

image New Change log button

To View the Change Log

Step 1:

Click the "View" (eye) icon in the Actions column.
image screenshot change log screen highlighting view icon

Already Viewed Change Logs

Step 1:

From your home screen, click your Name / Avatar.

Step 2:

Click Manage from the drop-down.

image Personal Dropdown nav highlighting Manage

Step 3:

Click Change Logs in the Navigation panel. image Self navigation menu pointing to Change Logs

Step 4:

While on the Change Log table, click "Viewed" to switch to logs you have already viewed.

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